Rafting Voidomatis AND AOOS

The Rafting is not, simply, "sailing raft (raft)", as its name suggests, but something much more exciting and fun. It is the river descent - with mild or long flow-by inflatable boat. One of the rivers of Epirus, Voidomatis, located in Zagorochoria offered for your first contact with rafting, it has little difficulty (level 2 from 6)


  • Adults 40€ / person
  • Kids 25€ / person
  • Students 30€ / person
  • For more than 8 persons, the cost is 30€ for adults and 20€ for kids
  • For big groups, please contact with us...

Rafting Zagorochoria, Voidomatis, Konitsa, Bourazani bridge

Meeting point - starting point of the rafting fans in the river is the Voidomatis bridge located between the villages of Zagori, Aristi and Papigo,  in the heart of the National Park Vikos - Aoos. Ending point the old bridge of Voidomatis (Kleidoneias). The 6klm of the route roll without specific technical requirements and difficulties, in a lush natural setting decorated with natural springs, small waterfalls and stone bridges.

Participants are provided with a diving outfit (wetsuit), booties, life jacket and helmet. All you need to bring is your bathing suit or a second underwear (so as to change, as it is possible to get wet during the rafting). We recommend you bring sunscreen oil. Perhaps you could wear your hat under the helmet if it fits. For more protection from the sun, you can wear some (sunscreen) t-shirt. If you want to wear glasses (sunglasses or other) during the rafting, we recommend the special tie with rubber band (in order be more confident that you will not lose them). The guides will carry a photographic camera and take pictures (a copy will be given to you at the end)


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