Mountain Bike & E-BIKE TOURS

Mountain bike in Zagorochoria


Choosing one of our cycling routes you will have the ability to cross unique landscapes of great natural beauty and make a particularly interesting activity while moderate exercise combined with the view of the landscape, we are sure, that will reward you. All you need is to take the decision to do this activity. Leave all the rest to us. Our meeting is in our facility at the village Kipi di Zagori from where we receive our equipment (bikes, gloves, helmet).

Bike Rental. You receive your bike from our facility and choose to follow the route you prefer. Before sunset you return the bike to us. For anyone that wishes a bike delivery at the hotel, we can also provide such service.

* You can bring your best mood and optionally a hat, a bottle of water, sports shoes, sunscreen, a small snack.


  • Daily rental 30 euro
  • Daily rental (e-bike) 40 euro
  • Guided tour from 45 euro


Route Number 1: Avgerinos - Kapesovo - Koukouli - Kipi
Total route length: 18 kilometers. | Total duration of activity: 1,5 hours. | Difficulty : Low, beginners.

Route Number 2: Negades - Kipi.
Total route length: 20 kilometers. | Total duration of activity: 2 hours. | Difficulty: beginners.

Route Number 3: Arvanita" area, village Iliochori of Zagori-central square of Iliochori village (this route can be combined with hiking at Iliochori waterfalls)
Total route length: 6.5 km cycling + 2 hiking kilometers.. | Total duration of activity 6 hours. (Transfer to the starting point, downhill cycling section 45', walking 1.5 hours and return to base). | Difficulty: The cycling route doesn't require good physical condition but combined with walking increases the difficulty.



Route Number 1: Elati - Dikorfo - "Rizania" - Kipi
Total route length: 20 kilometers. | Total duration of activity: 2 - 2,5 hours. | Difficulty: Moderate level.

Route Number 2: "Giftokampo" Area.
Total route length 20 kilometers. | Total duration of activity 5 hours (the starting distance increases in this activity). | Total duration of activity 2,5 hours. | Difficulty: Moderate level.

Route Number 3: Monodentri - Dilofo - Kipi-Fragkades
Total route length: 40 kilometers. | Total duration of activity: 4 hours. | Difficulty: Increased



Route Number 1: Circle of central zagori area.
Total route length: 50 kilometers

Route Number 2: E-bike tour Aoos spring lake.
Total route length: 40 kilometers

Route Number 3: Circle of Ioannina lake 30 km route.
Total route length: 30 kilometers


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