Zagori Outdoor Activities is an alternative tourism company that organizes sports activities in the region of Zagorohoria.

Zagori outdoor activities was founded in 2016 by Remos Vasileios, economist with a Doctoral Degree in Economics at University of Ioannina whose academic research position was based on the subject "Zagori: Economy, Society and Education in the interwar period." Alongside his studies, the owner of the company performed in 2008 the sport of rafting and canoe-kayak, something into which he turned professionally.

The Zagori Outdoor Activities company base is located in Kipi of Zagori, in central Zagori. With years of experience in the field, organizing one-day or multi-day trips to the countryside with the activity of your choice.

The traveler is touched from an area, a magic moment or an activity which is difficult to be repeated if not accompanied by the right people...


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