Off Road 4x4 routes

Explore the most outlying villages of Zagoria and experience unique 4x4 routes through dense forests of fir and pine forests. Starting from any village in Zagoria, you can easily reach to the Kipi village. There we can choose one of our off-road trails. Alternatively, we can move further north to the villages Skamneli, Iliochori and Vrisohori within a particular landscape and choose a route in one of these villages!


1) Skamneli - Makrino and visit to the Voutsa Monastery.

2) Giftokampos-Vovousa. Tour guide at the "Sarakatsani sheepfold" Gyftokampos location, an outdoor museum-representation of pastoral village. The route ends at the picturesque Vovousa village that "cuts" in the middle the river Aoos.

3) Laista-Vovousa. Starting from the Vlach village Laista, ending at the picturesque Vovousa village and tour of the national park "Valia Calda".

4) Elati - Kipi- <<Vikaki>> - Tsepelovo

Routes combination of off-road and trekking

1) Foot of the mountain Smolikas- Smolikas Refuge off-road and 1,5 hours trekking with direction to the Smolika's Drakolimni.

2) Lakes Arvanitas Iliochori di Zagori off-road and hiking 1000 m at the Iliochori waterfalls.

*In all routes is included driver-guide, equipment and a small meal.

**In all activities as the number of participants increases the price is adjusted.


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